Social Media Savvy 2022

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It was great to be back in-person and online at the iconic Drawing Office of Titanic Hotel Belfast for this year’s conference held on Thursday 5 May 2022. This year’s theme was about building confidence around flexibility, recovery and resilience during testing times. Through a variety of presentation styles, conversations, lived experiences and mini masterclasses, the Social Media Savvy guests heard from a panel of well-rounded experts who have faced challenges in both business and personal aspects of life demonstrating what resilience means to them. 

What John Would Have Expected and What I Expect Of Myself.


The first speaker to take to the stage was Lisa Strutt, a high-level leadership coach, global speaker, and Fellow IoC Harvard and ICF accredited coach. Lisa coaches with a mixture of curiosity, connection, compassion, clarity and courage.



Lisa’s presentation got the audience thinking about what is important to them in business and life. John, Lisa’s husband was diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed away leaving Lisa and her children to think about how they could positively navigate their lives after such heartache. Lisa set herself challenges and allowed herself to remove barriers that made sure she was serving in a way that would enrich her clients’ lives by making them question their bravery. 

Lisa reminded the audience that you need to stop and take a breath, think about what energises you and how you can tap into a connection that will enable you to live a life that you love. It is what John expected of her and what she expects of herself.

Let’s Talk Social Media Trends

Matt Navarra needs no introduction. He is one of the UK’s most well known and in-demand social media consultants. Having worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, Matt has turned his focus to offering expert analysis, insights and opinions on the biggest news breaking stories each week alongside his consultancy work.

In an open and honest conversation with Matt, he highlighted the highs and lows of his career, his struggle with ADHD and how that has all led him to be the lively, opinionated leader of social media that he is. 

Matt joined Ashleigh to lead an unforgettable dialogue, jam-packed with insights and advice on what the social media trends are for 2022. From social commerce taking over on platforms to an influx of freelancers in an industry where potential career paths in social media are endless. Matt gave the audience his take on businesses and brands that can lean into short-form video, how the algorithm is constantly changing to make recommendations on content that is preferred by the user and the importance of community on what are essentially SOCIAL platforms. 


Matt’s final thoughts got the audience pondering how they could focus on what they love to do and monetise that. By making the shift to what they want to do rather than what they feel like they should be doing they will find their forever passion.

Have I Got News For You!

Una Carlin is a marketing, communications, media relations, crisis, reputation and events management expert who runs her consultancy, Carlin Creative. This has not been without its challenges and Una was courageous enough to share her story with us. 

‘This Girl Is On Fire’ and Una used that motivation to relaunch and push forward with Carlin Creative Consultancy showing magnificent resilience, and that is what is known as post-traumatic growth.

Una rounded off her presentation with a fun and interactive workshop on writing a news story and press release that got the whole room involved in competing for the prize of the best headline.

Giving Your Content Legs

Amy Stevenson is the founder of Vamos Admin, providing social media content and systems support to businesses. Amy has many accolades since her business started in 2020 including runner up in UK Newcomer of the Year 2021, Finalist in Digital Women VA of the Year and Amy currently holds the title of Northern Ireland VA of the Year 2022.

When Amy asked the audience if they were feeling “content exhausted” there was an overwhelming resounding “YES” throughout the room. By stressing that “no one sees all of your content apart from you” Amy talked the audience through the benefits of creating evergreen content and in what ways you could repurpose it into ‘baby content pieces’ to use time and time again. 


Amy shared her wisdom about automated systems to make suggestions as to what could work best for the repurposing process along with top tips such as starting with long-form content such as videos, blogs or audio. With plenty of teachable moments throughout the mini-workshop, Amy added so much value to help reduce that overwhelming feeling of content creation. 

Instagram & Facebook For Business

Founder of Digital Women and Social Day, Lucy Hall is a jargon-free, digital, social media trainer and consultant who talked the Social Media Savvy guests through how to set up their Facebook page correctly for maximum exposure to potential clients.

Through a series of ‘how to’ presentations including the ease of creating events, setting up a Facebook group, and including your services on your business page, Lucy stressed the best way to be visible on the platforms.


As a Meta certified trainer Lucy was able to share her knowledge of using the Meta pages on Facebook to illustrate real-life case studies, talk about free online learning through Facebook Blueprint and motivate the Social Media Savvy guests to revisit and rework their business page to maximum functionality.  

The Videos You Need To Make in 2022!

Peter Craven is the founder and creative director of BlueSky Video Marketing, a video marketing agency established in 2017 to help people use video to build awareness, generate new opportunities and win more business. Formed after Peter spent 20 years working in global marketing roles, the agency was established to deliver video production and marketing services in a way that gave marketers the tools that they needed to deliver successful campaigns across a variety of different channels.

Peter discussed how videos that deliver real results solve a problem by unlocking an opportunity. Trends that are increasing include the move to more live streaming on social platforms, the length of time people are consuming video content on Facebook is up and 85% of those listeners watch the videos without sound. 


People need to create content consistently, with a watch time of at least 1 minute and seek out originality. When we laugh – we remember and humans rule. Faces attract attention, heighten emotional motivation and increase engagement. These are the ranking factors for successful video content creation. 

One Minute. One Brief. Create An Ad.


Nick Entwistle is the creative director and founder of the Bank of Creativity, with a massive following on Twitter Nick works with agencies and brands to create compelling content to engage their audiences and generate big interest in their products and services.  In addition to this Nick hosts events, workshops and delivers talks to agencies, universities and businesses such as the BBC, Lloyds Bank and SKY.

After admitting that graphic design was not the recommended route for him in school, Nick went on to prove everyone wrong. He shared his story about suffering from a heart attack at an early age and having to then watch his health but he persevered with his business and after treatment, he connected with the NHS to direct the music video and social campaign that led to the NHS beating Justin Beiber to the Christmas number 1!

Nick has the logic that the more you think about an idea or design the less creative you might be. Think fast – what is the first thing that comes into your head when you hear a campaign brief – jot down ideas, brainstorm, and map it out on paper – all under one minute. 

A Mini-Masterclass on TikTok


Vava influence is an influencer marketing agency created by the founders Francesca Morelli and Chloe Henning, the first of its kind in Northern Ireland. Matching an expansive network of influencers with businesses on a best-fit basis for collaboration. 

Francesca and Chloe discussed the inner workings of the TikTok app including how you can help your videos go viral, algorithms, trends and content styles that work best for business. Finding your niche and not being afraid to give TikTok a try was the running theme of their workshop, with plenty of ideas, tips and tricks on how to stand out above your competitors. Vava Influence provided the Social Media Savvy audience with up-to-date statistics that prove to get your business found online in 2022, you need to be on TikTok.

Networking For Success

Social media Savvy NI 2022 proved to be such a successful day for all in attendance. From making new business connections to strengthening long-lasting relationships, the in-person event provided fresh ideas, career support, valuable information and a different perspective on how resilient a person can be when faced with adversity. 


Thank you to Hurree for being the Platinum Sponsor of Social Media Savvy 2022, an innovative company that helps businesses collect data from across all of their tools, to create effortless reports on one dashboard.


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