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Welcome to Social Media Savvy, the ultimate social media conference designed exclusively for business owners and marketers! 

In today’s digital landscape, social media has become an indispensable tool for businesses. It’s no longer just about posting updates; it’s about building meaningful connections, fostering brand loyalty, and driving impactful results. The theme for our conference this year is “Staying Ahead” where we will once again bring together industry experts, thought leaders, and successful practitioners who have cracked the code to social media success. 

The Speakers

David Levin

Amanda Webb

Anita Wong

Peter Craven

James Griffiths

VAVA Influence

The Conference

Our conference brings together industry experts, thought leaders, and successful practitioners who have cracked the code to social media success. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a small business owner looking to make your mark online, Social Media Savvy is the place to be.

What can you expect at Social Media Savvy?

Prepare to dive deep into the world of social media strategy, cutting-edge tactics, and the latest trends that are shaping the digital landscape. Our carefully curated sessions will cover a wide range of topics, including:

Crafting Compelling Content:

Learn how to create engaging posts, captivating visuals, and compelling storytelling that captivate your audience and drive conversions.

Social Media Advertising:

Master the art of targeted advertising across different social media platforms, maximizing your reach and ROI.

influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing:

Discover the secrets behind successful influencer collaborations and how to leverage their reach to amplify your brand's message

data driven insights

Data-Driven Insights:

Uncover the power of analytics and metrics to measure your social media performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions for your business.

Community Building and Engagement:

Explore strategies to foster an active and loyal online community, building a tribe of dedicated followers who are passionate about your brand.

Social Media Platforms:

Stay ahead with the latest trends and platform updates


But Social Media Savvy isn't just about learning; it's also about networking and forging valuable connections.

Connect with fellow attendees, exchange ideas, and build relationships that could pave the way for future collaborations and partnerships.

Our conference venue is the exquisite Galgorm Resort & Spa – you’ll have access to state-of-the-art facilities, interactive workshops, and engaging panel discussions led by experts who have achieved remarkable success in the realm of social media.

Join Us At Social Media Savvy

Join us at Social Media Savvy and become a trailblazer in the ever-evolving world of social media. Gain the knowledge, insights, and strategies you need to stay ahead of the competition and grow your business exponentially.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your social media game. Secure your spot at Social Media Savvy today and unlock the full potential of social media for your business!

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David Levin

David Levin

Things Content Makers Can Learn From Hip-Hop

David Levin is a writer, tone-of-voice specialist and agency founder whose career took off after he set up a Twitter account for his local pub which gained a cult following, won Time Out’s Twitter Account of the Year and led him accidentally to becoming the UK’s first professional tweeter.

His social agency, That Lot, which he started with a bloke off the telly, hired platform specialists and ran feeds for the likes of Spotofy, Amazon and Have I Got News For You.

David is a regular speaker at Social Media Week, previously ran The Guardian’s Social Masterclass and recently led content inspo sessions at TikTok HQ.

He recently moved to Northern Ireland, had his mini-moon at the Galgorm after getting married down the road, so he’s basically a local.

Things Content Makers Can Learn From Hip-Hop

Hop-Hop has just turned 50. To celebrate the meteoric rise of the planet’s favourite genre, agency founder and storytelling obsessive, David Levin, looks at the lessons content makers and marketers should learn from hip-hop, covering areas such as sharp wordplay, remix culture and silencing the haters. May contain lols.

Amanda Webb


Is it working? How to wrangle your analytics and find out if your marketing is working.

What you’ll learn:

How to choose the right numbers: What should you measure and why is it important?

Understanding your audience: Who is following you, who is visiting your website and how do you know if they are the right people.

Is your marketing turning into sales, and if so, how can you get even

Anita Wong

Anita Wong

Midlife Tubers

From Views to Conversions: Maximizing Your Business Impact on YouTube

What can we expect to learn from Anita’s talk?

Attendees will gain a deep understanding of YouTube’s role as a dynamic marketing platform. You will discover how leveraging YouTube can significantly amplify business visibility and generate valuable leads. Through tailored strategies, participants will learn to craft compelling content tailored to their specific audience and business objectives.

Practical insights into channel optimisation and audience engagement techniques will empower attendees to build and expand their YouTube presence effectively. Moreover, the session will delve into converting views into actionable outcomes, utilising lead generation and conversion strategies.

Real client case studies will illuminate best practices, offering actionable insights for immediate implementation.

Participants will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to harness the full potential of YouTube, driving tangible business growth and success and moreover be excited about getting started for themselves or their clients.

Peter Craven

Peter Craven Blue Sky

BlueSky Video Marketing

Lush! Lives - Harnessing the power of community

Lush! Lives is the story of Lush! Portrush, the most iconic dance music venue in Northern Ireland. The weekly club night ran from March 1996 to March 2021 and welcomed most of the biggest DJs on the planet to The Causeway Coast.


 This is the story of how the film came about – harnessing the power of community that social media brings. How the ability to connect and engage with like minded people, wherever they may be, is now greater than it has ever been.

James Griffiths

James Griffiths

Director in the Dispute Resolution team of DWF

AI Law and Ethics in Social Media Marketing

James Griffiths is a Director in the Dispute Resolution team of DWF in Belfast, and he acts for businesses, insurers and public authorities in relation to a broad span of commercial disputes and regulatory matters. 

James specialises in technology, intellectual property and media law disputes, and regularly advises clients in relation to matters involving copyright, trademarks and passing off, design rights, patents and matters involving trade secrets/breach of confidence.  James’ media law practice focuses upon defamation, privacy, information law and data protection issues, including the management of reputational risk to individuals and businesses, and the challenges posed by social media.

He has been described by the Legal Directories, Legal 500 and Chambers, as “an outstanding lawyer” who is “particularly effective on the tactical use of mediation“; “consistently excellent in commercial cases…His analysis of complex issues is first class“; “responsive, proactive, commercial and practical“; having an “ability to make even the most complex disputes manageable and an unrivalled skill at analysing the issues so as to identify the core of a problem and how to resolve it in the best interest of their clients“; and providing a “first class service“.

Francesca Morelli & Chloe Henning

VAVA influence

Harnessing Influencer Marketing within your Social Media Marketing & Brand Strategy

Join us at Social Media Savvy and hear from NI’s first influencer  marketing agency VAVA Influencer about the different ways in which you can work with influencers and the impact this can have on and in your overall marketing strategy.

Stay Ahead on social media at this year's Social Media Savvy conference.

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